For those who believe in Santa Claus:

Lord Weatherby (pronounced Weather-bee) was born in 1928 and raised on a small farm in North West England. Driven by a short-tempered father and coddled by an overly-affectionate mother, it was no surprise that young Weatherby quickly became the most envied cattle rancher and pond fisherman in the region. Fans traveled from everywhere just to get a glimpse of his custom made Diddy Moo Bamboo fishing poles (yes, the same ones that are now so popular in China).

After a mere 70 years in the farming business, the northwind began to blow. Lord Weatherby loaded up his fishing boat and set sail to America with a guitar on his back, a pocketful of lyrics, and a NEW dream. Three months and four days later, he landed on the golden shores of Point Pleasant, New Jersey... physically emaciated yet hungry for success. Against everyone's advice, Lord Weatherby hitchhiked all the way to the sunny state of California and simply knocked on the door of one of LA's biggest record companies. Impressed as they were by his raw determination, they politely turned him down.

This is not what the tenacious Lord Weatherby had wanted, but all that Lord Weatherby would ever need.


For those who DO NOT believe in Santa Claus:

Kenneth Littleton Jones is an American singer songwriter who performs under the name Littleton Jones ( In 2005 he wrote Santa Claus Is Freaking Me Out, performed by a group of friends under the band name Lord Weatherby.

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